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Expert business and marketing strategies for your success.

  • Business Coaching: Develop the skills and strategies you need to succeed


  • Business Expansion: Unlock the next financial level of your business with our experienced strategists


  • Business Planning: Create a comprehensive plan for your business’s future


  • Business Start-up & Scale: Get the help you need to launch and scale your business


  • Cash Flow Forecasting & Budget Planning: Forecast cash flow and develop a budget that works for your business


  • Investment, Sponsorship and Pitch Deck: Identify potential investors and create a winning pitch deck


  • Outdoor Marketing: Get your message out with effective outdoor campaigns


  • Profit Maximisation Strategies: Identify areas to increase your profits with our proven strategies


  • Survival Strategies: Create a plan to keep your business afloat in challenging times
  • Branding & Positioning creating a unique identity for your business and positioning it to receive the desired market perception.


  • Customer Retention & Loyalty Programs bespoke schemes and programs to keep customers coming back with rewards and incentives that matter.


  • Experiential Marketing capture the imagination and add value to the transaction through intangible experiential factors for the customers with interactive and memorable experiences. 


  • Marketing Audits assessing the effectiveness of the marketplace, competitors, target audiences, existing strategies, and opportunities and areas of improvement.


  • Market Segmentation identifying your target audience and tailoring marketing efforts to effectively, efficiently and profitably reach them. 


  • Professional Marketing Plans creating concrete, comprehensive and professionally executed marketing plans to ensure greater market visibility and increased sales.
  • 3D modelling, rendering, and prototyping for businesses.


  • Captivating websites that showcase your business perfectly.


  • Experts Google Ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.


  • Netnography research services to establish valuable insights.


  • Grade-A photography services for showcasing your business


  • SEO that achieves great results quickly and efficiently


  • Dynamic social media marketing strategies for maximum reach


  • Video marketing strategies that make an impact.


  • Virtual tours and virtual blueprints

Swindon Marketing Company recognises the importance of building a distinct brand identity and is dedicated to helping its clients achieve this goal. As Martin Lindstrom famously quoted “Marketing is not a battle of products, it is a battle of perceptions”. We understand creating an identifiable and unique brand is essential for any business to succeed and remain competitive in today’s globalised market. A strong and recognisable brand personality will make all the difference in gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Tristan James Newman

Founder & Managing Director

Experts in professional marketing.

At Swindon Marketing Company, we understand the importance of investing in marketing to grow your business and increase its profitability. Our professional, chartered organisation specialises in creating tailored solutions to meet any clients’ bespoke needs – from smaller independents to large national corporations. We offer consultations with our team of marketing experts, including SEO specialists, web developers, graphic designers, and social media managers, to help you create the most effective marketing strategy to reach the best potential target markets to promote your product/service offerings.

Swindon Marketing Company can immediately assist your business by implementing effective marketing strategies. These strategies include designing a comprehensive marketing strategy, setting up targeted campaigns on social media, optimising a website for visibility in search engine results, creating organic SEO and PPC advertising campaigns, constructing an email marketing database, and more. With the help of Swindon Marketing Company, you can develop a comprehensive marketing plan that outlines objectives, strategies, tactics, and measurement tools to launch and track the success of the marketing campaigns.

At Oxford Marketing Company, we understand the need to ensure businesses reach the right audience and increase their profits. Our team of experienced marketing, web, design and media experts will work with you to craft a customised plan that is tailored to your business needs and objectives. We will review your current strategies and develop creative campaigns to help you stand out from your competitors. You can be sure that our team will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals and maximise your profits. Our mission is simple: to help businesses build their brand and succeed. As Creative Director Garbiel Preston says: “We are committed to helping our clients achieve the highest level of visibility and profitability.

Grow your business with the help of professional funding guidance.

Secure the funding your business needs to succeed with the help of Swindon Marketing Company. Our experts will find the right investors for your business. We will amplify your brand‘s visibility and create effective promotional materials, presentations, and other materials featuring detailed market analysis, scaling tactics, budgeting, financial projections, and potential ROI.

Start-up & scale business marketing.

We have the resources and expertise to guide you through each stage of your business journey, from start-up to growth. Our services can help you, from launching a business to turning thousands into millions. With our assistance, you can reach all your targets.

At Swindon Marketing Company, we are committed to helping you take your business to the next level digitally. We specialise in website design, Ui/UX, corporate and business photography, videography and drone footage, content writing, social media profile creation and campaigns, and S.E.O. tactics to ensure you are at the top of Google.

Swindon Marketing Company knows physical marketing can be a powerful tool to boost your business. Our comprehensive services cover everything from visual merchandising to outdoor marketing, so you can build a strong physical brand, increase the value of your physical experiences, and ensure your message reaches the right people.

We specialise in providing comprehensive market analysis and strategies for success. Our experts will assess your business, product, or service to create a tailored plan that meets your target markets’ unique needs and demands. With our guidance, you’ll be able to develop a powerful marketing campaign that’s tailored to your objectives. We’ll support you through every step of the process to ensure you have the right strategy for success.

Social media marketing to enhance awareness and online visibility.

 Utilising targeted social media advertising, we can help you grow your brand’s reach and recognition, enabling you to reach new customers, drive engagement, and gain invaluable insights into your audience. Our team specialises in creating custom social campaigns to attract the right customers and boost a brand’s visibility.

Reach new customers with targeted email marketing.

Our carefully crafted email marketing strategies are designed to stimulate engagement and generate a maximal return on investment. Our visually and asthetically captivating emails guarantee that your message is delivered with impact.

Professional grade-A content writing.

Good quality content writing is a fundamental way of communicating the values, services and brand identity. It’s an excellent way for customers to form their first impression about what you have, from how they interact on site all while enjoying great content!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.

We specialize in constructing tailored Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns on various platforms, such as Google Adwords. We understand that each business has its own needs, and we are committed to designing campaigns that precisely meet them and the target market.

High-quality content to boost your brand.

Powerful content writing is a crucial factor in effectively conveying your brand‘s values, offerings, and personality. It is the perfect way to make a lasting first impression on your customers and guarantee they value their encounter with your brand.

Swindon Marketing Company utilises the importance of developing an impactful content strategy that is tailored to your specific objectives and resonates with your target audience. We offer a range of content writing services, including website copy, annual report content, social ad copy, product descriptions, email campaigns, executive profiles and other content elements, to enhance perceived brand value, create brand awareness and foster customer loyalty.

Our goal is to create engaging and relevant content that sets your business apart from the competition. With our help, your brand‘s language, key selling points and commercial message will come alive through creative and concise content. From concept to completion, we can ensure your content campaign is a success.

Our teams specialise in optimising website content and webpages for higher search rankings, through search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). We use precise and fixed keywords to target your existing audience and potential leads, so you can reach more people online. We specialise in ranking businesses in the top positions in Google, it’s probably how you found us!

Welcome to the world of content writing, where the value of your words is immeasurable. We offer unparalleled content writing that goes beyond simply improving search rankings. Our team of experienced content writers understands the importance of creating compelling and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. We take the time to research and craft unique and engaging content that conveys your message in a way that resonates with your audience and drives conversions. With our content writing services, you can be sure that your content will be optimised to achieve the highest rankings in search engine results, but also crafted in a way that it will make a lasting impression on your readers.

Ranking in the highest results on GOOGLE will drastically boost revenue.

Investing in SEO with Oxford Marketing Company is essential for any business looking to succeed in the digital age. We will rank you on the first page of Google, will we allow your business to reach a larger audience, build trust with potential customers, and establish the business as an authority leader within the industry. By achieving a high ranking on the world’s most popular search engine, you can gain more exposure, build customer trust, and bring in more revenue. With our expertise and knowledge of SEO, we can ensure your business reaches the top positions on Google.

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